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How to fix Microsoft Teams Login Issue?

If you are having trouble login into Microsoft Teams follow this article :

Option #1

Check you are connected to Internet or Wi-Fi. Sometimes slow internet will also cause this issue. To Check your internet speed click this link Make sure you speed is at least 1 MBPS if not then your internet is slow and you need a faster internet to connect with Microsoft Teams.

Option #2

If your Internet is working fine but still cannot connect to Teams exit the application and also exit from the system tray icon and restart the Microsoft Teams Application if you are using Windows / macOS. If you are you using Android or iOS remove Teams App from recent applications.

Option #3

If it says that “We are run into problem” in the Application like the following image.

Close the Teams Application. Open any Internet Browser Chrome / Microsoft Edge / Brave / Firefox and go to Login with your RSJ Email ID and during login make sure you choose Work Account while you login. And teams will open in your browser. After sometime you can contact the IT Persons to reinstall your Teams Application in your Computer.
P.S. : Sometimes Windows 7 or Pirated Windows 10 or Inactivated Windows may cause this issue and IT persons may not help with it.

Option #4

If you see any a error Message like ” You’re missing out! Ask your IT Administrator to enable Microsoft Teams for ..” it means you are an Freelancer or your license is not assigned. We do not assign license for Freelancers. You can only join a call when someone is sharing you the link as a guest. For Others kindly contact IT person so we can assign a license for you.

Option #5

Contact IT Person if you face any other issue that does not comes under these.

We believe that this article has helped solve you Microsoft teams login issue. Thank you. Have a Nice Day / Night!